Angva 2017 call for paper

The 7th Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association Biennial International Conference & Exhibition (ANGVA 2017) will be held from 31st October to 2th November 2017 in Tehran, Iran. The ANGVA 2017 Organizing Committee cordially invites speakers / authors to submit abstracts of their papers for consideration for presentation at the conference.

The presentation / papers should generally be in line with the theme of the ANGVA 2017 i.e. “Natural Gas Vehicles – The Natural Green Choice of Asia Pacific”.   The papers will be chosen for presentation in the following categories:

  1. Global, regional and national situations of NGV Industry– government policies and supports, environmental policies, impact on environment, pricing, impact of low oil prices, NGVs impact on environment and climate change, etc.
  2. Pipeless supply and transportation of natural gas– CNG trailers, mother station operation, different type of storage mode, etc.
  3. Natural gas for Public Services and Commercial fleets– usage and operational experiences of CNG buses, CNG delivery trucks, lorries, etc.
  4. LNG for the Transport and Marine sectors– LNG small scale plants, economics and challenges, transporting LNG via roads, LNG for marine applications, etc.
  5. Biomethane – A Renewable and Greener fuel for the transport sector– challenges in production and distribution of Biomethane, integrating Biomethane into supply chain of natural gas vehicles, etc.
  6. Alternative fuels and new technologies (CNG, CNG Hybrid, HCNG, LNG, ANGV, EV, H2, etc) – current situation of alternative fuels and technologies, comparison of exhaust emissions of NGV and other alternative fuels, impact of EVs and other alternative fuels on the future of the NGV industry, etc.
  7. NGV and alternative fuels vehicles environmental effects and international collaboration– well to wheel impact of NGV on environment and climate change. Facing global, regional and national environmental and climate change challenge through international collaboration. Innovation and Research & Development to sustain natural gas as an environmentally friendly fuel for the transport and marine sectors, etc.


Speakers are invited to submit 400 words abstract of relevant topics by 15th Jun 2017 to the ANGVA 2017 Organizing Committee by e-mail. Please include speaker/author(s) name, affiliation and addresses for correspondence. All submission must be in English language only. Please submit your abstract to:



Address1: No. 27, 2nd Noavari Ave, Pardis Technology Park,

Tehran, Iran

Address2: No. 58, Babak Bahrami St., After Dastgerdi (Zafar)St., Vali-e-Asr Ave., Tehran-Iran

Tel :,+982186084119,  +9821 76250330,+982122778104

Fax: +9821 76250331

E-mail:  and


Presentation Time

Speaker will be given 20 minutes (including 5 minutes question and answer time) for their presentation during the conference. Speaker will be given free registration to the conference (limited to one speaker per paper).

 Key dates of paper submission

– Full paper submission deadline:15th September 2017
– Notification of acceptance:30th  September 2017
– Submission of ppt files: 17th October 2017
– Early bird registration ends: 16th September 2017
– ANGVA2017 Conference and Exhibition: 31 st Oct- 2nd  Nov 2017


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  1. Papers that are of advertisement and promotional implications will not be accepted.
  2. Submission of a paper indicates that the author agrees to authorize ANGVA to publish his/her paper in the ANGVA 2017 Conference Proceedings.